Beauty Made Better: Beauty Hacks You Need to Know

In the world of beauty, it seems there’s a product for every dilemma you might face. Have red skin? There’s green color corrector for that. Have a zit? There are countless pimple creams you can choose from. Need plump lips? Choose your favorite plumper from a variety of brands. While these are certainly helpful, have you ever wished that you didn’t have to buy a product for everything? If so, the beauty hacks below are for you.

1. Quick Smudged Liner

If you want the smudged eyeliner look but don’t have the right tools, simply put your eyeliner pencil over an open flame for a few seconds. Let it cool down for 15 seconds, then apply and you’ll notice a darker and deeper line.

2. Create a Cat Eye With Tape

Creating the perfect cat eye can be nearly impossible (and frustrating) for even experienced makeup artists. Make this easier on yourself by using tape on the corner of your eye to set the angle. Simply stick on, apply liner, and peel off. Click here to see how it’s done!

3. Make Your Mascara Last Longer

Clumpy and dry mascara can be given a second life with only a few drops of contact solution. Simply pour the drops right into the mascara tube, then pump the brush inside until mixed.

4. Mix Your Foundation

To help create the perfect color of foundation, mix a few pumps with lotion or liquid bronzer. Using lotion will make it lighter while bronzer will do just the opposite. This can help you avoid wasting bottles of foundation that aren’t the right color.

5. Make Your Eyes Look Wider Without Fake Lashes

By applying white eyeliner to your bottom eye line, you can make your eyes appear larger in seconds. This can be an excellent alternative to fake lashes and requires far less time and skill to do.

6. Remove Blackheads in 15 Minutes

If blackheads are getting in the way of perfect makeup application, make your own nose mask with 1 tsp warm water, 1 tsp honey, and 1 tbsp flour. Soak a cotton pad in the solution and leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing clean.

7. Apply Bronzer in the Shape of 3

Apply bronzer in the shape of a “3”, beginning with the forehead, moving to the cheekbones, and finishing along the jawline. This creates the perfect face-slimming contour.

What’s Your Beauty Hack?

These are only a few of the hundreds of beauty hacks you can use on a daily basis. Try one or two to see if they make your beauty routine easier. Chances are, you’ll want to share your secret after just one use.

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