7 Healthy Eating Tips for People Who Want to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Whether your goal is to lose weight or to maintain your current weight, any weight-related process seems daunting to most men. Obstacles are inevitable, but that does not mean that you cannot maintain your desired weight. To lose weight, you have to adopt the right schedule, workout and eat the right food. The following tips should help you attain your weight loss goals.

1) Start with your food
To control your hunger cravings and blood sugar, you have to eat at least after every four hours. Skipping meals will not help you but will leave you starving. Studies show that individuals who skip meals are more likely to overeat. And because eating many small meals in a day is difficult, particularly in a busy day, you have to come up with a good meal structure. Avoid skipping your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also have a healthy snack at around 3 PM. Ensure that your meals contain a balanced mix such as 40% protein, 35% carbs and 25% healthy fats.

2) Go natural
In addition to the balanced diet, you should minimize your processed convenience foods consumption. Go for the naturally sweetened products instead of the candy and pastries that typically offer more sugars and calories. Fresh fruits provide more nutrients, fiber, and more components that are not available in most sweet treats.

3) Start lifting weights
Men are apt to weight lifting as compared to their female counterparts. And even though men have larger muscle mass, preserving and increasing the muscle mass may help accelerate body metabolism. More muscle mass will help you burn more calories quickly and efficiently including when your body is at rest. To build your muscles, you have to start lifting weights. You can start out at the local gym.

4) Drink more water
Most people mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of running to your kitchen for food, you can drink some water. Research shows that taking a glass of water just before or during meals can help eliminate chances of overeating or the desire of a second portion of food. Even though water does not contain any nutrients, it will keep you hydrated. It provides body cells with nutrients from the food you eat and help in digestion, therefore, fostering good metabolism.

5) Reduce the time you spend on electronics
Studies show that the average individual spends around 10 hours in a day on electronics. That is around half of their day – without accounting for the sleep hours. Instead of spending your time on social media, watching television shows and playing computer games, you can use the time to exercise. If your work responsibilities and obligations have confined you, you can opt for a standing desk, take a quick walk, or go to the gym during work breaks. No activity is bad, particularly if it means getting off the mobile phone.

6) Try a Meal Preparation Service
For example, Nutrisystem is a meal prep service that helps in regulating your meal plans for a maximum weight loss results without having to starve yourself.  You can jumpstart your weight loss with the “Turbo Take off Week.” During the weight loss program, you will have to eat around 1,000 calories per day.The calories come from the Nutrisystem shakes and entrees that consist of probiotics, fiber, and proteins to support a healthier digestive system and trigger the fat burning process. After that, you will have to make several important decisions relating to your food choice. You will have to make good breakfast, lunch, and dinner and dessert choices to observe great weight loss results. Plus, when you weigh how much you already spend per meal, especially unhealthy meals like fast food, Nutrisystem cost isn’t going to be any different.  The local supermarket is still important because you will go there from time to time to buy fresh vegetables, dairy products, fruits, and proteins. They will help supplement the Nutrisystem meals.

There are also plenty of offshoots from this as well, including some like Blue Apron where you cook the meals yourself and they simply send ingredients and recipes.  That way you can control your own food intake, learn how to cook, and discover some new recipes you wouldn’t have even known about before.  Definitely worth a shot for somebody new to healthy eating.

7) Sleep more
Most men have not realized that sleeping for at least 7 hours in a day can help them achieve their weight loss goals. During sleep, the body burns more fat and regulates the key metabolism hormones – cortisol, growth hormone and insulin. Let us forget about science for some time. Without enough sleep, the body will not burn the right amount of fat and you will only lose your muscles. One research from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that individuals who sleep for more than 8 hours in a day expend more energy when resting than those who sleep for lesser hours. The individuals also burn around 20% more calories after every meal than the sleep-deprived individuals. What’s more, sleep will help you avoid losing your muscle mass.

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