5 Steps to Better Brows

Beautiful brows are more coveted than ever and it’s easy to see why. The perfect arch can transform your look and frame your face so you always look pulled together. Need help taking your brows to the next level? The tips below can help.

1. Focus on Growth

Are you guilty of being an over-tweezer? If your brows have bald spots as a result, it’s important to focus on re-growth. Fortunately, you have many options. Daily treatments with coconut oil or castor oil are some of the best solutions for those going the DIY route. If you’re looking for a serum, InStyle has a list of some of the best on the market.

2. Trim Instead of Tweeze

To avoid interrupting the cycle of hair growth for your eyebrows, it’s best to trim new growth rather than pluck it. If you’re not confident doing this yourself, go to a stylist and they’ll be able to help.

3. Determine Your Ideal Shape

The shape of your brows should complement the shape of your face, as it can help balance your features. Below are a few examples of the types of brows that work best for each face shape.

– Oval: The best brow shape for an oval-shaped face is a soft angle that goes straight up and then curves down.

– Round: The best brow shape for an oval-shaped face is a high arch with straight lines that peak.

– Heart: The best brow shape for a heart-shaped face is rounded with a soft curve.

– Long: The best brow shape for a long-shaped face is straight horizontal or flat.

– Square: The best brow shape for a square-shaped face is is angled with a sharp peak.

4. Create Fullness

Brow pencils, powders, gels, etc., are all excellent for filling in brows to make them look full. If you have bald spots, it’s recommended to use a thin pencil that makes hair-like marks that produce a more natural look.

5. Clean-Up Regularly

If you’re not trying to grow out your brows, have them waxed or threaded on a regular basis. This will keep stray hairs away and lines clean.

Beautiful Brows Made Easy

Your brows can be one of the favorite parts of your face! However, it will take a little bit of effort with regular care and a few cosmetics. The good news is that this will be worth it and result in brows you can feel proud and confident showing off.

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