5 Healthy Foods You Should Try

The key to a nutritional diet is to eat a diverse array of healthy foods. You’re probably already eating kale, quinoa and other popular foods that are rich in vitamins, but there are plenty of other health foods that you could be missing out on.

1. Skyr

Greek yogurt is very on trend right now, but skyr may be an even healthier option. This Icelandic yogurt is packed with many of the same vitamins as Greek yogurt, but comes with fewer calories since it’s always made with skim milk.

2. Chia Seeds

These tiny seeds have become popular not only for their high nutritional value, but because of how easy they are to spread on regular meals. A single tablespoon of chia seeds contains 2 grams of protein and 4 grabs of fiber, which makes them a better source of protein than most nuts.

3. Amaranth

Amaranth is a whole grain that has become especially popular with vegetarians and vegans thanks to its high concentration of iron and zinc. As a cherry on top, this whole grain is also gluten-free, which makes it a viable option for most major dietary restrictions. When cooked, amaranth is remarkably thick and makes an excellent addition to any soup or stew.

4. Coconut Flour

Coconut has had a good couple of years, but there are more health advantages to coconut than its oil or milk. Coconut flour stands as a gluten-free alternative to traditional flower and contains a whopping 5 grams of fiber in only two tablespoons. For those with diabetes, coconut flour has been shown to lower the glycemic index (a measurement of how a food raises blood sugar) and make everyday eating easier.

5. Dulse

Dulse is an especially popular form of seaweed that has grown in demand thanks to its savory, fresh-from-the-ocean flavor. As for health benefits, dulse offers a stellar amount of potassium and iron, and even contains iodine, which is normally only available in fish.

Eat Well

No one food can give you all of your daily nutritional value, but eating a variety of healthy foods most certainly can. Use the above list to find healthy food options for your lifestyle that will help fuel your body while keeping you healthy in the long term.



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