4 Ways to Feel Beautiful as a New Mama

After growing a baby in the womb for 40 weeks and delivering that same baby, it’s time to take care of it. As a new mother, it’s understood that the first few months are terribly exhausting. Sleepless nights and days become the new normal and it can feel terrible. As a result, it often takes a toll on a mother’s appearance. However, there are ways to still maintain your beauty and feel great about yourself.

1. Good Nutrition
Water is so important for vitality, energy and hydration. When the body is dehydrated, it shows up on the face, skin and overall vibrancy. Always keep a water jug nearby and sip throughout the day until it’s done. To get a batch of nutrients in one stop, take advantage of green smoothies. Throw in some kale, fresh or frozen fruits and some water in a blender. Cut up a few fresh vegetables and chomp on them as you take care of the little one. These are simple ways to keep your body filled with nutrient=rich foods.

2. Makeup
If makeup isn’t your favorite thing, it’s okay. However, it can make a difference in the way you look and enhance your natural beauty. Even if you’re in the house all day, throw on a fancy red lipstick, some mascara and some undereye concealer. It’ll do wonders to brighten up your face.

3. Wardrobe Choices
Leggings are a mama’s best friend. They are stretchy, comfortable and incredibly forgiving. Use them year-round in darker colors like navy blue, black and brown. Purchase a few long blouses and button-up shirts to wear for a polished look. When it’s time to leave the house, pair them with some flats or sandals during the warmer months. Opt for boots during the cooler months. Maxi dresses are easy options as well. You can throw them on and instantly look chic.

4. Easy Hairstyles
A slick bun or ponytail is always an easy option. It looks chic and it’s truly an effortless look. For the days when a blowout isn’t an option, try a fun french braid. Alternatively, hats are just as fabulous. A plain black or denim baseball cap looks great. A bolero hat is also stylish and easy to pair with any outfit.

Remember that this isn’t mandatory. Some days will be harder than others. These tips just give you options. As a new mother, there will be days you’d rather wear the baby’s spit-up as a badge of honor and that’s fine. There will be days when you want to look and feel fabulous enough to stroll through the mall with the baby in a stroller. Thanks to these tips, it doesn’t have to be difficult to pull it all together.

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