3 Ways to Heal Bleach-Damaged Hair Naturally

Experimenting with fun and new hair colors is always an exciting adventure, and today’s tantalizing shades are often too irresistible to not to try. When one attempts to lighten hair significantly, bleach is frequently used; leading not only to gorgeous shades of blonde but significant damage as well.

When the harm is done, most may rush to a hair salon to get a haircut, but there’s no need to panic: with some planning and patience, it is possible to restore those locks of hair to health and vitality.

1. For Daily Care: Coconut Water Spritz

Bleach-damaged hair is thirsty. When the hair’s cuticles are forcibly opened up by harsh chemicals, it becomes unable to hold on to moisture, producing rough, brittle, and straw-like hair that is hard to tame.

Coconut water is full of omega-3 fatty acids: these act as a deep moisturizer for the dry hair shaft and endings. Spritz it from a spray bottle over the length of hair each day, concentrating on the most damaged parts. For ultimate healing, use natural coconut water without added sugar and preservatives!

2. For Weekly Care: Avocado Deep Conditioning Mask

An avocado is an incredible superfood: chock full of minerals, vitamins, proteins, and healthy fats; it can come to the rescue of even the most damaged, frizzy, and hopeless-looking hair.

Use it weekly as a deep conditioning treatment: mash it, apply evenly throughout the shaft, then wrap it all around with a syringe wrap to use natural body heat to keep hair warm during the treatment. Wash it off after 30 minutes, dry as usual. To gain even more benefit from this deep conditioning treatment, mix a mashed avocado with one egg -scrambled separately- and 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey; apply and cover with plastic wrap!

3. For Ongoing Health: Eat More Proteins

Proteins are the basic building blocks of the body; without eating enough of them, restoring hair health may simply remain a dream. Proteins help hair to grow faster, may reduce or even stop hair loss, and strengthen it from within. Eating a protein-rich diet is simply the best long-term strategy to combat bleach damage and restore previous hair quality.

Calculate your daily protein requirements to ensure ideal intake amount!

It may take a few weeks before noticing a difference, but by following these steps, anyone can successfully heal their bleach-damaged hair naturally.

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