3 Fall Inspired Beauty Products

Fall is just around the corner and that means it’s time to update your beauty routine! Just like the changing colors of the leaves and the cooler temperatures, Fall brings a shift in makeup trends as well. These three beauty products are practically made for this season but they’re so good you’ll want to use them year-round!

1. LUSH Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

LUSH is known for their off-the-wall bath bombs. This powdery sphere may look average at first, but once it’s in your tub, it will amaze you! On their website, LUSH describes the Fizzbanger “as if it were loaded with miniature fireworks.” As the honey-colored ball melts down in the water, colors pour out of it creating trippy swirls. If that isn’t cool enough, it also has popping candy in it, to mimic the sound of a crackling bonfire. The scent starts with freshly picked apples and transforms as it dissolves into warm cinnamon-apple toffee. This bath bomb is perfect for a calm night in and will warm you up from the Fall chill. It is available on their website or in LUSH stores for only $6.95.

2. MELT COSMETICS Love Sick Stack

Fall is the perfect time to experiment with darker eyeshadow colors. Melt Cosmetic’s Love Sick Stack is a set of four eyeshadows that are perfect for Fall. Promiscuous is a knock-out violet shade with shimmer. A cool feature of this eyeshadow is that it is made to be used either alone or over the top of a black eyeshadow to give it more depth! Amelie is a peachy rose gold, and even though it is an eyeshadow, it is perfect as a highlighter too. The shadow quad’s namesake shade, Love Sick, is a brilliant matte oxblood red. This red is an unexpected and unique eyeshadow color, and it looks amazing on every skin tone! Last but not least, Fixated is a matte cobalt gray designed to match Melt’s one-of-a-kind cult fave lipstick called Space Cake. The Love Sick stack is available online here for $48.

3. SMITH & CULT Nail Laquer in Tang Bang

What lets you know it’s Autumn more than anything else? Not the leaves changing, not Halloween decorations in stores, and certainly not the cooler weather… The one thing that screams “Autumn is HERE!” more than any of those is the return of Pumpkin Spice! This year, pumpkin spice is everywhere, not just in your local coffee shop. While you may still have to wait a month or so before PSL is back officially, Smith and Cult’s Tang Bang nail polish is here to curb your cravings. The rich, burnt orange color will transport you directly to a pumpkin patch, and the formula is a dream. It is available on their website for $18.

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