10 Health Benefits From Having Professional Massages

When you want to treat yourself to a massage, you may think that it is a silly indulgence, but massages offer an assortment of health benefits. There are numerous types of massages, including:

• Swedish
• Hot stone
• Shiatsu
• Deep tissue
• Reflexology
• Aromatherapy

Here are the health benefits from having massages on a routine basis.

Health Benefit 1: Improving Your Blood Circulation

With a professional massage from a therapist, you can improve your body’s blood circulation to heal damaged tissues.

Health Benefit 2: Relieving Chronic Headaches

If you suffer from chronic headaches, then you can relieve the problem with massages that focus on the neck, head and spine.

Health Benefit 3: Reducing Your Stress Levels

After a difficult day at work or home, you can have a therapeutic massage that will reduce your mind’s anxiety levels.

Health Benefit 4: Overcoming Frequent Backaches

When you have a backache, a therapist can have you sit in a specialized chair while you receive a massage on your back and neck to help you overcome the pain.

Health Benefit 5: Increasing Your Joint Mobility

With a massage, you can increase your joint mobility when you have a stiff knee or elbow. Talk to the therapist about your problem so that she can recommend the proper type of massage.

Health Benefit 6: Relaxing For Restful Sleep

If you have problems with insomnia, then choose a relaxing massage that includes aromatherapy with essential oils such as lavender or chamomile.

Health Benefit 7: Soothing Tense Muscles

When you have tense muscles after an intense workout, you should have a hot stone massage to release the tension from your body.

Health Benefit 8: Invigorating Your Body

If you are feeling tired, then a massage therapist can provide an invigorating treatment such as deep tissue massage. After one of these types of massages, you will feel energized for the rest of the day.

Health Benefit 9: Stimulating Your Internal Organs

To stimulate your internal organs such as your kidneys or liver, schedule a good massage. With reflexology techniques, a therapist can massage the soles of your feet in certain pressure point zones.

Health Benefit 10: Boosting Your Immune Levels

With a massage, a therapist can focus on your lymph glands to improve the condition of your immune system. This is the perfect massage when you have a sore throat or upset stomach.

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